Jag flyttat bloggen till FRESHNET – semra.freshnet.com

26 Jan 23:46

Nu flyttar jag min blogg till FRESHNET. Där väntar en spännande framtid med en massa andra sköna bloggare! Så från och med nu hittar ni mig HÄR! Nu rockar vi modeveckan tillsammans, häng på!



Hello people! It’s time for me to move my blog to FRESHNET. I’m so excited about the future I’ll promise you it’s going to be great. So from now on you’ll find me HERE! Now let’s rock this fashion week together with a bunch of other awesome bloggers on FRESHNET!



Coco Chanel noir

26 Jan 18:54


This is one of my evening perfumes.

I’m definitely a Coco Chanel mademoiselle lady, and have been for a long time. But then a year ago this beauty caught my senses in a magnificent way. The word noir made me really curious. It reminds me of the past – where you’ve been what you’ve done. This fragrance is strong but it slightly transforms to a more classy/smoky well balanced sweet smoothness. It’s sensual and deep, it’s black and white like piano keys. It is extraordinary, mysterious, arrogant but light. It’s lovely it gives me goosebumps.

In some way it also reminds me of my other fragrance Tom Ford, Black Orchid expect coco noir is milder, more tamed and delicate. Which is nice since Black Orchid really is powerful.

some great news

25 Jan 18:08



New dress, Zara.
Trying on this beautiful dress and I still have to pinch myself in the arm to actually believe that I got it for such a good price! It’s unbelievable.

I have some great news which I will reveal to you on Monday, but until then my sweethearts I wish you all a great Saturday


Killing me slowly

24 Jan 08:55


Good morning and Happy Friday everyone – I can’t believe the weekend is already around the corner! Where did this week go? I’ve been a mess this friday morning. I think I hit the snooze button on my iPhone about ten times this morning before I finally could get myself out of bed. It just felt so nice and cozy and if I didn’t have had so much to do and a job to go to, Yes I would have totally spent all day in bed wearing nothing expect my pajama and big socks.

ps. Need to find a way ”how to stop thinking about summer”. These pictures are basically killing me slowly. And I’m not found of it at all!